Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day and Camping Trip

That's Dad.  He was a handsome guy, but whenever he was going to have his photo taken, he put on his Picture Face, which he's wearing in this blurry old scanned photo.  Golf was his game, after he quit playing baseball. He'd have been a professional at baseball if it hadn't been for WWII.  As it was, he was shortstop and manager for a Pacific Coast League team, and he batted clean-up.  

 Speaking of fathers, the one who lives here is off on a motorcycle trip.  He says he's getting one in while he still can, since he doesn't know how long he'll be able to keep doing it.  But he thinks the B-31 will be a good motorcycle for an old guy because it's light, smooth, easy.  Except, he's still having armature troubles.  So though he loaded it up, it's not what he took.  I put a B-31 photo in a few posts ago, and it was one taken while it was still in New Zealand.  He bought it on Ebay many years ago.  It's much nicer now.  Just so you know.

The next bike he loaded up was the 250 Ninja.  It's extremely reliable, nimble, easy, light, and amazingly fast. (He says that about everything).  I failed to get a photo before he unpacked it and put everything on the 750Four Honda.   Can you see the Ninja in the background?  It's the one with all the graphic design and more current stylings.  Here's the Honda all ready to go.  He left yesterday and went up to Goldendale, Washington and met his friends from Seattle.  I'm not sure what all they were riding.  He took the camera, so maybe I'll see photos.

It's a very special bike that used to belong to his step-brother in Ohio.  He was a father, too.

I was out watering the turtle this morning, when I thought I heard thunder.  These days, lots of things make noise that sounds like thunder.  I looked around for neighbors moving their yard scrap recycle barrels.  Those are usually the cause of the sound-like-thunder.  There were some solid grey clouds to the southwest, but my view of the sky is blocked by gables.

A neighbor came over looking for HH, and I asked him if he'd seen any lightning.  He said "No, but I heard it."  Ha! Well, the sound like thunder kept up, and rumbled on in that rolling way it sometimes has, and the clouds got darker, so I decided to start winding up the hose.  Just about the time I was done, it began to pour, and I even caught a glimpse of a flash, and that crack was LOUD.  My back is still wet from moving a planter that doesn't drain in under the eaves.

There's something so exciting about thunder and lightning.  I guess it's because it's so dangerous.  I came in here and looked up all the places HH was on the weather map, and I think he's clear.   He should be home tonight, so we can have fun with Daughter tomorrow.  Don't think I'll plan a picnic.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


 It's so nice to get flowers.  These are from my daughter's boyfriend's mother.  She has an amazing garden so full of flowers she has plenty to give away.  I got another bunch a couple weeks later.
 The flowers in the mug are an end-of-year gift from the high school where I volunteer.  Notice the sprockets on the fence.  HH knows I like parts, but these are the only ones he'll let me keep.  There's more to the left out of the photo.  The leaf between was made by a friend.
 The BSA Bantam lineup is part of a swap meet at the vintage motorcycle show several unknown number of years ago.  The green one is pretty cute, but HH said restoration would cost too much.  I just thought Avus would maybe think his was a lot nicer than anything here.
 This is a photo of Kenny Dreer with his Norton Commando behind him.  It's a sad and complicated story about how hard he tried and how expensive it was and how eventually there were too many obstacles, but it was pretty exciting to see him and that bike at the vintage motorcycle show.  This photo and the Bantam are so old that they aren't digital.  All I know is they were taken in the past.
HH finally racked up all the miles he needed so he could do the first oil change and retune the bike after the rebuild.  Here's the bike under the Yaquina Bay Bridge looking nothing like a troll.  I'm not sure this will get big if it's clicked, but if it does, it's spectacular.  He was really thrilled with this bike and his ride.  A bit of history now.  The bridge on Hwy 101 was completed in 1936.  When I was a kid during the Cold War days, a Russian ship came under it in the fog.  It was spooky seeing the hammer and sickle through the fog, but it needed repairs and the visit was friendly.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Classic Sunbeam

HH wanted me to tell Avus this Sunbeam is advertised for sale in the June issue of The Classic Motorcycle.  He hasn't ridden it for years, wants the room, and wants something to help pay for the little bitty car we hope to find.  The car should be a smidgeon larger than the Sunbeam.  All the pictures we took of it are so old they're on film instead of digital, but others have photographed it.

 Photos were taken at a show and barbecue at the nearest Triumph dealer's shop.  It's now a parts store because it's too costly to meet all the requirements for a dealership.  HH had a lot of fun with this bike, but he's so taken with bikes he's gotten since, this one's getting nudged out, poor thing.  It was purchased new in Massachusetts in 1947.  The seat was hand made in around 1968 by a daughter who was a leather artist and sold leather goods at street fairs in San Francisco, though looks like it was made for a Studebaker instead of a Sunbeam.  Anyway, he's excited to have the ad out, and wanted to share with you.

Here's the B-31 he's been pinion pulling at, and is planning a little solo trip with to the redwoods.  This is an old photo with the silly seat that it had when he bought it (from New Zealand.)  It's got a nicer seat now.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

My Dream Car

 The guy with the Vincent Black Shadow stopped by with his newest purchase.  He didn't mind me ooing and ahhing and taking pictures, and he didn't mind that I was jealous, either.  He was so happy with it that I ended up not being jealous but happy for him.  He opened everything to let us look.  HH got to go for a ride in it.  He offered to take me around, too, but I declined.  Probably a good thing, since as HH was getting in he complained that The Guy didn't have anything with easy access.
It's fun to stay home and see what will show up in the driveway.  This Smart Car showed up last week, and the week before, my brother stopped by with his latest Porsche.  I made him tea.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Spring

What fun.  I get to play with a brass and pipe organ group for Easter.  Rehearsal was last night, and there are two trombones.  I got the fun part for the Gigout Dialogue, which is the Trombone part.  The other guy got stuck with the Tuba part and apologies.  He got the best parts on everything else, but nothing else is as good as the Gigout.  So Lucky Me!  What fun!  It's all fun, really.

HH got the Laverda all working and pretty and put together.  He has a bench seat, too, which isn't as nice, but he says he'll put it on and he take me for a ride after he does some more tweeking.  His test drive was 50 miles, and he wasn't satisfied, though he said it was great.  He's ordered a few more parts and grumbled about how he should have done this and that the first time.

I'm pretty excited because he's talking about maybe getting a fun little car, like our old Metropolitan (which was built on a big-eye Sprite chassis), only different, but which he sold.  I've been saying how I miss it, and was surprised and delighted just to hear him talking about getting something similar.  I'm open to suggestions, but whatever he finds will probably become It.  If I'm lucky.  I find things, too.  I found the Metropolitan and the Avanti that we we used to have.  Can't hang on to cars like we can motorcycles, because cars take up so much room!

Friday, January 29, 2016

This Morning

George (not his real name) cam over this morning.  HH, George and I (I got to work the jack) installed the Lavarda engine in the frame.

George with one of his bikes pictured below.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy January

There are slugs outside.  I see one smashed all over the front entry; a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The survivors are happy because there are lovely crocus blossoms to eat.  Happy slugs.  The crocus look happy, too.

The Laverda has mostly left the guest room, where it was taking up the entire bed and floor as well as the blanket chest at the foot of the bed.  It's not all together yet, but an amazing amount of progress has been made.  The engine went from this

(Isn't it lovely?) to this

in a short time, but only short since HH started the reassembly process.  It's been quite a while since he took it all apart and got it all pretty as these pictures attest.  He claims he had to redo some of his work because he'd forgotten how it went together, and the manuals and his photos were lacking in details, but he's pretty sure he's got it right now, and even started it with the starter motor.  What larks!  Happy engine.